SEO is the process of improving how a website ranks in search engines for relevant searches so your site can get more traffic and ultimately more leads.

Ensuring relevance is paramount in our approach. Unlike many internet marketing agencies that structure their programs, reporting, and billing around a limited number of keywords, we hold a distinct perspective for your cleaning company SEO services. We advocate for your website to rank for a myriad of keyword phrases, ranging into the hundreds or thousands, tailored to the cities you serve across the United States. Our SEO programs are meticulously crafted to prioritize geographical targeting as much as keyword optimization, ensuring your online presence resonates effectively with your target audience.

We want to tell Google “what” you do, “where” you do it.

Top-notch SEO Solutions for Cleaning Companies in the United States

Google’s Algorithm Relies Upon Over 200 Unique Ranking Factors

But allow us to simplify things just a bit.  Think of it like this.  Google is the world’s most intelligent five year old.  It is really good at determining what a website is about – if you make it clear.  It’s not terribly intuitive (yet).  It is also highly influenced by the crowd, so it is important to show Google that your website is popular.  Google measures popularity in terms of the quality and quantity of backlinks – or sites that link back to yours.

If your website is structured properly in relation to your target industry and target geographic markets AND other popular sites are linking to yours, then your site will rank better in Google.

To Further Simplify, Our SEO Services Condense 200 Ranking Factors Down to Two Basic Components


On-Site factors include anything and everything to do with your actual website including but not limited to:

  • Website architecture (menus, meta data, header tags, internal links, etc.) so search engines can effectively index your web pages.

  • Content marketing (blog articles and content silos) to continually increase how many searches for which your site will rank.

  • Page speed optimization (Yep, how fast your website is affects how your website ranks, particularly for mobile searches).

  • Strategically including outbound links to relevant authority sites where relevant – it helps send trust signals to Google.

  • Optimized mobile usability.

  • Proper optimization of all media (images, videos, etc.)

  • Inclusion of dynamic content where possible so Google sees the webpage as fresh and regularly updated.

  • Setup and monitoring of website to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.


Off-site factors include anything and everything related to improving your backlink profile including but not limited to:

  • Contextual links from other cleaning service websites where relevant.

  • Guest posts on high authority websites.

  • Press release syndication.

  • Relevant comments on other industry related blogs.

  • Creation of business directories.

  • Syndication of your blog articles to Social Media and RSS aggregators.

  • Backlinks from unique content posted to authority Web 2.0 properties.

  • Content syndication to authority news and general interest websites.

  • Emphasis on link source and anchor text variety.

  • Backlink strategies that build links to your key pages – not just your homepage.

And We Track the Performance of Everything

From keyword rankings to site traffic and lead captures, we track it.  It’s important that you know how your campaign is working.  Since we offer all services on a month-to-month basis, we earn your business every month.