We build websites that convert visitors into leads!

Sleek Cleaning Website Design for US Clients

You spend a lot of time, effort and money to get visitors to your website. Is your website designed to easily provide the information they seek AND guide them to take the action you want? You have about 8-10 seconds to convey to a visitor who you are, where you serve and that you provide quality services worth a further look.

First impressions matter.

Even if you make a great first impression, a visitor spends on average less than two minutes visiting a cleaning website. That’s not a lot of time, so it is critical that your site is structured to make it simple to get the information they want. And at each step along the way, it is absolutely imperative that it is quick and easy for your visitor to initiate contact with you that may lead to a transaction. Thus, a visitor converts in to a lead.

Make the most of each visitor to your website.

What Goes Into Each and Every Design

Intuitive site structure, menus, blog and content silos to guide your visitors toward engagement.

All sites are responsive (mobile-friendly) so they work on virtually any device via any current generation browser.

Traffic and conversion tracking via Google Analytics so you’ll know how well your website is working.

Full optimization of the platform and each page to maximize search engine rankings for your targeted service area.

Full optimization for site speed (mobile & desktop) as Google now includes site speed as a ranking factor.

Setup of a SSL certificate so your visitors know they are protected. *May require separate purchase depending on host.

Integration of your existing lead management or quoting systems.  From Infusionsoft to Launch27, Jobber to Zenmaid, we can work with you to get your leads where you need them.

Training for you or your staff so you can update your own site.  We also offer on-going website maintenance, but you shouldn’t HAVE to pay someone if you can do it in-house.

The Techie Stuff That’s Included

  • Premium WordPress theme with lifetime license

  • Setup of Google Analytics with lead tracking (where possible)

  • Setup of Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools for proper site indexing

  • Setup of search engine optimized Sitemap

  • Setup of Schema Markup

  • Setup of optimized meta data for each page

  • Proper SEO-friendly page setup with optimized titles, alternative image tags, etc.

  • Setup of Open Graph

  • Setup of Robots.txt for proper search engine indexing

  • Inclusion of your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) on every page (typically in the footer)

  • Setup of canonical tags where appropriate

  • Setup of internal links to help improve site structure

  • Image optimization to improve site speed

  • Implementation of WordPress security add-ons to reduce the risk of site hacking

  • Setup of URL redirects if it is a re-design where the old site has a different URL structure

We build websites for cleaning businesses using the WordPress platform.

Wordpress Website Designs for Cleaning Businesses

Why WordPress?

  • It’s FREE.  We do, however, use exclusively premium themes (their fancy word for template) so you can rely upon on-going support as the platform evolves.

  • Search Engines LOVE WordPress.  Or more accurately, it is easy to setup WordPress so search engines love your site.  No other platform makes SEO easier.

  • WordPress evolves with the Internet so you are never forced to start all over because technology has changed.

  • It is scale-able.  As your needs change, rest assured there are add-ons available to meet those needs.

  • It is practically ubiquitous.  WordPress is by far one of the most popular platforms in use today.  Why does this matter?  Because you shouldn’t HAVE to be locked into relying upon your designer until the end of time just because they used a platform only they know how to use.  With over 75 million websites using WordPress, it isn’t difficult to find someone who is an expert.

  • The sky’s the limit.  With WordPress, there literally are no practical limits on what you can do.  You’re only limited by your (or your designer’s) imagination.

  • It’s easy to use.  Long gone are the days where to edit a website you have to dig through endless blocks of code.   Today, it’s all visual.  If you’ve ever used your favorite word processor to create a basic flyer, then you’re already ahead of the game. In fact, with our WordPress training (available with every design), you’ll be an expert in no time.

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