Generate Leads by Advertising on Google, Bing or Facebook

It’s called pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and you’ve likely clicked on an Internet ad recently.  It’s why Google Ads are the #1 source of revenue (68% of total in 2014) for Google, a trillion dollar company.  Why do so many companies use Internet advertising?  Because it works.  And it works far better if properly setup and managed.

Maximize Your ROI with Managed PPC Advertising

Managed PPC advertising offers complete control over ad content, target keywords, location targeting and budget.  Track every lead including phone calls, quote form submissions and online bookings (where applicable).  Know precisely how much each lead costs.   On-going management combines with the ad system’s built-in machine learning to further improve campaign performance over time.

The Techie Stuff That Included with Google Ads and Bing Ads

  • Targeted Keywords That Drive Leads

  • 1000s of Negative Keywords to improve search relevance (culled from over 10 years of PPC experience with cleaning businesses)

  • Location targeting by city or zip code

  • Sitelink extensions, call extensions, callout extensions, and structured snippet extensions so your ad stands out from the crowd

  • Lead tracking (phone calls, quote form submissions, online bookings)

  • Setup of Responsive Ads (Google Ads only) for improved ad placement

  • Setup of Dynamic Ads (Google Ads only) to allow Google’s machine learning to better match ad content with search intent

  • Ability to adjust your budget as often as daily as your need for leads fluctuates with your availability

  • Tracking of all metrics that drive campaign performance

  • Training and account access so you can review your campaign performance at any time

  • Weekly monitoring of actual search terms and updates to negative keyword list where applicable

  • 1000s of Negative Keywords to improve search relevance ( culled from over 10 years of PPC experience with cleaning businesses)

  • Creation of optimized landing pages where relevant

  • Re-targeting Display Campaigns to target previous visitors to your website (where applicable)

  • Flat-rate management fees regardless of your ad budget

Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook requires a different approach than advertising on Google or Bing.  For Google and Bing you are advertising to people who are actually searching for your services.  For Facebook you are advertising to Facebook visitors who match your targeted demographic (ie – age, gender, location, etc.).  They are not necessarily initially interested in your services (with one exception called re-targeting).

Facebook advertising for cleaning businesses works best when it includes a promotion, special event or other incentive to click and when the ad leads to a specific relevant landing page on your site that is optimized to maximize lead conversion.  The timing of an ad can also affect your campaign performance since your total Facebook audience is by definition limited if your service area is limited.  You do not necessarily want to advertise to your limited Facebook audience year round unless you are consistently changing your ad incentive.  Eventually your audience will tune out on your advertising.

When you hire us to manage your Facebook Advertising, we’ll:

  • Build your advertising audience to maximize ROI
  • Help you create an editorial calendar so you can plan your advertising through-out the year
  • Let you know when a post is worth boosting
  • Create ads that work
  • Track ad performance
  • Setup a re-targeting audience that tracks all visitors to your website and then shows your ads on Facebook to those same visitors
  • Setup landing pages on your website that are relevant to your ads (optional)