The average salary for a Social Media Manager is $56,935 per year in the United States.


Social Media Management for Cleaning BusinessesYeah, right.  For most cleaning businesses, $57k a year would make the Social Media manager one of their top paid employees.  It’s not terribly practical.  Hiring a full-time Social Media Manager is a luxury typically only large companies can afford – let alone expect a return on such an investment.

Thankfully, there are affordable alternatives to make Social Media work for your cleaning business!

Social Media can help your cleaning business generate leads, increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to your website.    Consistent, optimized and relevant activity across the top Social Media platforms is one of the most cost-effective complements to any Internet Marketing efforts.

Introducing Social Media Manager

Professional Social Media management includes:

  • Complete setup and optimization of your profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google My Business
  • Complete setup of Social Media scheduling software available from
  • Posting of a minimum of 2 unique posts a week (approximately 40 total posts per month) distributed across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google My Business.
  • Each post is customized to take advantage of each individual platform for maximum exposure (i.e. – hashtags, etc.)
  • Post content varies to generate maximum engagement and includes:  client-provided promotions, general interest, holidays, promotions, reviews, cleaning tips and more

Examples of graphics created for past posts: