Example Automated Nurture Series

  1. SENT IMMEDIATELY:  A general thank you email that indicates what the lead can expect next.  Includes a broad sales pitch for the company and all relevant contact details.
  2. SENT 24 HOURS LATER:  A more specific “About Us” email highlighting the benefits of hiring your company.

Examples of Email Broadcasts

  1. MOTHER’S DAY:  A series of 3 emails sent over 14 days reminding leads & clients that they can purchase gift cards online to “Give the Gift of a Clean Home” for Mother’s Day
  2. HOLIDAY HOURS CHANGE:  Notify all leads and clients of holiday hours for Christmas.  Perhaps include a New Year promo if cleaning is scheduled for the month of January.
  3. LAST MINUTE AVAILABILITY PROMO:  Send an email to all leads with a promotion if they schedule their cleaning for next Thursday (or whatever timeframe needs to be filled).