Content is king, but quality, targeted content is your ace in the hole

In the early days of SEO (pretty much last week), optimizing a website was easier because you could target a specific set of keywords and almost immediately drive traffic from search engines to your site.  People still searched for “house cleaning in Oklahoma City“.  The keyword+city model was the key to everything.

Things have changed.

Blogging Service for Pool CleanersToday, people ask their phones questions.  People search using entire phrases.  In SEO lingo, search now involves long-tail keywords.  “Hey Google, find a house cleaner near me.”  “Alexa, find a pet-friendly maid service in Indianapolis.”

Your site should rank for hundreds if not thousands of keyword phrases. But how?

If your website is the engine, SEO is the accelerator.  Content is the fuel.  Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is the single most effective method for increasing the ways that your site can be found on search engines.  It is also why we include content marketing with all of our monthly SEO services. But sometimes, content marketing is best or perhaps only feasible option.

Here’s how content marketing works:

Let’s assume for the sake of this story that your website has a total of 10,000 words on it today.  The content is fully optimized, but the nature of on-page optimization means that you have to focus on select keywords for each page and those keywords have to be relevant to the content of that page.  So how can we possibly parley these limitations into having your site be founds for thousands of keywords and phrases?

Blogging for House Cleaning Businesses

Start a blog.

We’re not talking about a “Dear Diary” blog.  Think of a blog as a tool for establishing your business, via your website content, as the authority in your industry.  Over time, your website will essentially become an encyclopedia of all things “cleaning”.

Let’s say you add 2000 words of new content monthly via a series of keyword targeted articles related to your industry.  In six months, your site grows from 10,000 total words to 22,000 and you have more pages (or posts) where you can expand the number of keywords and phrases optimized within the content.   While your total content may be more than doubled, your actual search engine reach will increase exponentially.

But who has the time? We do!

We have a team of professional writers with experience authoring 100% unique articles tailored to incorporate your company messaging and services.  Topics range from cleaning tips, how-tos, checklists, seasonal and “you ask, we answer” about hiring a cleaning service.

Our blogging service includes:

  • Topic Client Approval (auto-approval available)
  • Final Article Approval / Client Editing (auto-approval available)
  • SEO optimization with keyword focus and suggested meta data
  • Internal and external relevant embedded links to further give search engines a better idea of what your article is about and improve site structure
  • 1 relevant stock image
  • Direct posting to your WordPress site (optional)
  • Get a back-link to your site embedded in an article posted on another cleaning blog every month you order articles
  • HTML formatting for easy self-publishing where necessary

You have complete control over your blogging service.  You choose how many articles per month and how many words in each article.  You can approve topics and make final edits to the articles before they are published.

*NEW* Optional Add-On

We’ll summarize your blog post and convert it into a video for posting to YouTube, Facebook, etc.  Video will be branded with your logo and the script will be provided.  See examples.